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The medical society of Anhui province hyperbaric oxygen medicine branch held in our factory

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In August 15th, the Anhui Provincial Medical Association hyperbaric oxygen medicine branch of the Standing Committee of the expansion will be held in our factory, the main content is to discuss the province of hyperbaric oxygen medical training and development issues. 22 experts from across the province attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the experts visited our new factory, the factory workers work overtime on weekends, bustling about production, who embody a work style and master spirit, well-organized and spoke highly of the production environment, quality service for our factory in hyperbaric oxygen industry expressed a positive development. The potential of our factory's high hopes, I hope the factory to provide quality equipment and services for the hospital.

During the meeting, I plant for the successful completion of the meeting to provide a good service, get the experts at the meeting, but also show the new style of the enterprise.