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I plant the manned hyperbaric welding test chamber through the customer factory acceptance

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Recently, I plant for manned hyperbaric welding test chamber Beijing Institute of 

Petrochemical Technology design construction of the factory work ended, passed the examination and acceptance of relevant experts from Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology and China railway construction corporation.

I plant from foreign design concepts, give full play to the Nantong University 200 m saturation diving training cabin manufacturing experience, with reference to international norms for technical design. In the construction process, the implementation of ISO9000 quality management system requirements, strict process discipline, high quality to complete the cabin structure, console and main equipment factory, laid a good foundation for the subsequent installation of the whole system. The quality of the manufacturing work of the cabin is fully affirmed by the experts.

Experts China Railway Construction Corporation in the understanding of technical characteristics, I plant design and manufacturing capacity expressed hope that both sides will further carry out the work, in-depth cooperation in shield tunnel project feasibility of saturated Zha capsule.